Analytics and Conversion

eCommerce benchmarks that help you to monitor and analyse key areas of your websites performance. This includes monitoring site performance in relation to business goals.

Yes... it's a fact...

On average, only 2% of visitors to a typical website buy anything from that website. For many businesses, the figure is even less. This means that if your website is typical, 98% of your visitors will leave without doing business with you.

This is a tragic waste of the time, effort, energy and resources you’ve invested to build your website, yet simply to understand how people find, navigate and use your website will transform the way you conduct your online business.

Visitor Analytics

Analytics & Business Intelligence
Detailed reports enable you to learn about your customers and how they use your website. You can identify trends, set-up and monitor business goals and make adjustments to improve your sales conversion rates.

Heat Map Analytics

Customer Surveys
Advanced technology using 'heat maps' enables us to monitor exactly where people click on your website pages - even how they view your pages. Our findings identify the precise places to position your key calls to action.

A/B Testing

Multivariate Testing
A/B Testing involves us creating slight design variations of your key pages to identify which layout delivers the most positive results.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing
Reviewing, enhancing and manipulating the way people use your website to provide the best possible user experience. Customer feedback surveys can play a key role in this process.

Checkout Optimisation

Sales Conversion Optimisation
Your shopping cart and checkout pages are vital. We have various tools that can streamline the process, enable you to up-sell products and instil confidence in your services.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery
Are you aware of how many people place items in your shopping cart but never checkout? We have tools to recover this data to enable you to re-engage the sales process with individual customers. Abandoned cart recovery can increase your turn-over dramatically.

We have a proven track record

We've helped clients with £10k per month online turnover reach £50k per month within nine months, and increased turnover for clients with less that £120k per annum to more than £1 million within 18 months.

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