Email Marketing

A powerful email marketing platform that delivers customer specific content, entices viral marketing and drives secondary spend.

Email Marketing for eCommerce

Email Marketing for eCommerce Websites

Send Machine is the perfect choice for business owners looking to send email campaigns, newsletters, welcome emails, special promotions, auto-responders and more to their new, existing and potential customers.

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool which, if operated in the correct way can generate income and sustain customer loyalty. It's not just about sending out emails, it's 'what you send' that's critically important. By understanding what your customers are intesrested in will enable you to forward information which is specific to their interests - a direct hit. We will help you to collate such information via forms on your website and help you to manage such data to ensure that your emails are 100% consumer focussed. The results pay dividend.

Key features and benefits of our email marketing platform:

  • Easy to use system.
  • Personalise your emails by name and by consumer product preferences.
  • Build data capture forms on your website.
  • Design website pages to receive click through's from your campaigns.
  • Send any type of email communication.
  • Improve sales and increase revenue.
  • Build trust with your subscribers.
  • Unlimited number of subscribers and lists.
  • Create additional revenue streams.
  • Database management.
  • Emails tested across all major delo=ivery platforms including Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.
  • Pay-as-you-Go or monthly subscription dependent upon volume.
  • Complies with email laws.

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