Social Media Marketing

Social Media isn't just a 'buzz word' - it's a direct means of promoting your business, advertising your services, improving your search engine ranking and generating new customers.

What is social media?

Social media enables you to target communication across the internet. You can use social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to encourage people to spread the word about your business. It also enables you to monitor 'what's hot' so you can react to shifts in consumer 'trends'. If played in the right way a social media strategy can generate a buzz about your products and without question increaces traffic to your website.

Store Machine have been developing social media strategies since 2006 and can demonstrate a proven, and successful client track record.


Send concise snippets of information to raise awareness in company, product and promotional activities. Each 'Tweet' can contain links back to specific pages on your website. The aim is create 'followers' in your business services.


An extensive tool to promote your business services. Enables you to join or set-up industry specific 'Groups' where you can discuss topics and identify buying trends within your target audience.


An incredibly powerful business to business social media network. Stengthen your business profile by building up 'Connections' with industry-specific individuals.


Blogs/RSS Feeds
Blogs enable you to circulate detailed information about your business services throughout your chosen social media network. Users can opt to receive your Blog updates by subscribing to your RSS Feed.

Developing a social media strategy

Store Machine will devise and implement a successful social media strategy for your business. Dependent upon your required speed to market - stages of implementation will be phased and will include elements such as:

  • Designing your website Blog. You'll have full control over your Blog including uploading images, managing and responding to posts (comments).
  • Setting up your social media network.
  • Although blogs can be set to circulate your posts automatically across your social media network, this isn't always the best solution. We'll advise you upon how best to structure your communication across each network in order to deliver the best results.
  • Brand Management - This includes setting up procedures to react to posts about your business
  • Consultation upon how to integrate your social media and online marketing campaigns within your overall business marketing strategy.

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